Åke Berg0908portrett.jpeg

Norwegian, born in Larvik city, 1946

Graduated from The National College of Art and Design


Åke Berg finds inspiration in his surroundings, such as exciting culture- and coast-landscapes or stillife in his studio, expressed in a colourfull way.

Member of:

• Norwegian Visual Artists Association, NBK

• The Association of Norwegian Printmakers, NG

Solo exhibitions:

More than 30 galleries all over Norway and in USA, France, England, 

Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Island


Group exhibitions:

More than 20 galleries and museums

Decorations and purchases from a lot of major firms and institutions


Invited to:

• «Norwegische Kulturtage» in Wiesbaden

•«Norway Day Festival» in San Francisco

• Stay at Cité Internatoinale des Arts, Paris

+47 901 94 035

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